Request for Records


Under FOIA, individuals have the right to inspect, copy or receive copies of public records of a public body.  If you want to FOIA Fire Department records, contact Fire Chief Rich Marinucci at rmarinucci@whitelaketwp.com or the Executive Secretary to the Fire Chief, Fire Department FOIA designee Sharon Stoia at sstoia@whitelaketwp.com.

For more information on FOIA requests, go to www.whitelaketwp.com.  Then click on “How Do I?”.  Then Click on “Request for Records”.

Environmental Research FOIA Requests for Fire Department Records:

The Fire Department frequently receives FOIA requests from environmental research firms during their property investigations.  When requesting this type of FOIA for Fire Department records, environmental engineers and firms can save substantially by limiting their FOIA record look up to:

A specific address and/or parcel ID for:

  • Paper address files at Station #1 including UST/AST records.
  • Computer address files (NOTE:  Looking up vehicle accidents in front of a property and similar records may be expensive because we keep records by date, time and address.)
  • Computer incident reports going back to March 14, 2002. (NOTE:  Looking up records dated prior to this is very expensive due to the way records were manually kept at one time.)
  •  Be specific in what you want looked up. 

Please note that we do not look up records for properties in the vicinity of another property.  An address and/or parcel ID must be provided for each record you FOIA (preferably an address based on how records are kept).

The Fire Department only looks up Fire Department records.  If you are interested in records that another department may have, please contact the Township Supervisor’s Administrative Assistant Patricia Pergament at tpergament@whitelaketwp.com.